Dr. Priyanka Mathur, CEO at MediPocket, is on a Mission to Create a Well Care System

Priyanka Mathur, MD & Adam Torres explore MediPocket.

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Show Notes:

Priyanka Mathur, MD, Founder and CEO at MediPocket

MediPocket aims to create a good care system by combining technologies such as AI and machine learning. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Priyanka Mathur, MD, Founder and CEO at MediPocket, explore MediPocket and Dr. Priyanka’s vision for the future of healthcare.

About Priyanka Mathur, MD

Dr. Priyanka Mathur’s vision is to help transform healthcare from a ‘Sick Care’ model to a data-driven, ‘Predictive Model’ using the science of AI and machine learning. The result: ‘Precision Medicine’ and quality healthcare that’s affordable and accessible to everyone— regardless of insurance or socio-economic status.

A frequent speaker on the healthcare circuit, Dr. Mathur is a healthcare visionary who believes that every individual and family desires to take charge of their health—but often lacks the time, money, and tools. Thus, Dr. Mathur has created an innovative health app that helps individuals and entire families take control of their health— by making prescriptions affordable, treatment manageable, and personal/family health data accessible and shareable on-demand—in one, easy-to-use mobile app that fits in one’s pocket. MediPocket.

“Your virtual health companion,” MediPocket helps reduce medical non-adherence and provides users with tools to help prevent unnecessary and costly trips to urgent care and the emergency room. Dr. Mathur is well-versed in medical non-adherence from a global perspective—having practiced medicine in three different countries—Russia, India and the United States.

Priyanka Mathur, MD Studies at Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy

Dr. Mathur began her studies at Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy and the SYMBIOSIS International University — where she received her MD in Internal Medicine and Clinical Research Certificate. During a residency in India, Dr. Mathur served as a doctor at the Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital and the Mittal Hospital Research Center.

As a result of her vast experience, Dr. Mathur understands first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of health systems around the world. She is also proficient in five languages— Russian, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Spanish.

Dr. Mathur’s vision for MediPocket is to help individuals worldwide take control of their health. The free MediPocket discount card is accepted at over 75,000+ pharmacies in the United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico— offering prescription savings up to 80%—along with same-day delivery. MediPocket’s other AI and ML-powered features—MyHealthPocket and DR. AI symptom checkers are both in beta—awaiting their debut.

Priyanka Mathur, MD Expert in Internal Medicine

Dr. Mathur is an expert in Internal Medicine and she also worked as a Medical Record Reviewer at the Parthenia Medical Group in Los Angeles. In her free time, Dr. Mathur enjoys spending precious time with her husband and two young children. She also volunteers her time to help Rural Educational Development in India, the AIDS Action Committee and the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

About MediPocket

MediPocket is on a mission to help individuals worldwide take control of their health by making prescriptions affordable, treatment manageable and personal health data accessible and shareable on-demand. Designed by Medical Doctors and Engineers, MediPocket integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to help reduce medical non-adherence by providing users with prescription discounts and tools to help them take charge of their health.

Dr. Priyanka Mathur believes that every individual and family desires to take charge of their health—but often lack the time, money and tools. After experiencing the constant frustration of having to pay for overpriced prescription medication, along with the struggle of trying to keep track of all her family’s prescriptions, appointments— and the lost time and money spent ordering medical records and duplicate lab tests— Priyanka knew there were millions of others with the same issues—so she decided to tackle these challenges head-on.

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