Dr. Robert Ciprian Releases “Heal Profoundly: A Graffiti Thug’s Transformation to Holistic Doctor”

Adam Torres and Dr. Robert Ciprian discuss “Heal Profoundly.”

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dr. Robert Ciprian, Founder Chiropractor and Holistic Healer at Heal Profoundly, explore Robert’s book Heal Profoundly: A Graffiti Thug’s Transformation to Holistic Doctor.  

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About Heal Profoundly

A transformational autobiography that brings you from violence and graffiti to miracles and healing. As a youth growing up in NYC, Robert Ciprian, DC, DIBAK thought that his life was very usual, but it was far from that. In his teens things started to get quite intense as his friendships morphed into a gang type tribe and he became a well known graffiti artist. Despite the stresses of the NYC gang environment, he always noticed the miracles in his life that were callings to do something meaningful, become a doctor. After moving to Los Angeles to attend school, his already poor health from childhood was magnified. Through many synchronicities that lead to a greater understanding of health and healing, he became a holistic doctor and teacher. This is a memoir of Dr. Robert Ciprian’s journey of healing and dedication to be of service.