Dr. Tracy E. Blount Recommends Proper Dental Care for Good Health Overall

Dr. Tracy E. Blount, the owner and dentist at Dental Design PC was interviewed in the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Dr. Blount has been a practicing dentist since earning her doctoral degree in dental surgery from the University of Michigan in 1991. Among other accomplishments, she served on the Dental Advisory Committee at Grand Rapids Community College and taught as a Clinical Instructor in its Dental Hygiene Department. Today, she wants to share the importance of dental hygiene among young adults.

Dr. Blount was always a stellar math and science student, but was unsure which medical field to specialize in. After evaluating her options and consulting numerous physicians and dentists, she found her area of interest and pursued her path. Today, Dr. Blount is a proud member of The Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and Michigan Dental Association.

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Why is dental care important?

“Dental care is important to keep teeth in good health forever,” Dr. Blount says, and stresses that it’s important for overall health as well. She explains that if people don’t have strong teeth, they may eat more soft foods and fewer crunchy, fiber-filled foods like apples and carrots; this imbalance can increase a person’s carb intake and increase their blood sugar levels over time if left unchecked. Teeth also help people digest food, she says, explaining that the more you chew, the more easily food gets digested. In other words, teeth play several important roles in maintaining good health overall. 

What does Dental Design, PC do?  

“We treat children, young adults, adults, and senior citizens,” Dr. Blount says. “We provide services like crowns, cleaning, dental implants, restorations, bridges, root canals, whitening (and more).” Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the dental practice emphasizes that proper knowledge of preventive measures is essential for ensuring good health. 

Dr. Blount says she often meets older adults who now regret not being better informed of the importance of preventative measures earlier in life. Many younger people don’t take the time to floss, for example, and neglecting that one small task can have deep ramifications later in life. 

What dental hygiene tips do you give young people? 

“Flossing is important,” Dr. Blount stresses, explaining that food particles that can’t be removed by brushing alone remain in between the teeth and at the gumline when you skip the dental floss. Over time, the teeth decay, and the chances of plaque, gum disease, and other infections can increase, resulting in unhealthy gums, tooth extractions and worse. So, she says, flossing once a day before bed is imperative. 

Making a regular dental visit every six months can keep teeth in good check, Dr. Blount says, and explains that even flossing isn’t enough without regular cleanings. If people aren’t able to visit their dentist twice a year, she says, they should get used to flossing regularly and/or using a Waterpik. 

How often should people visit their dentist? 

Dr. Blount believes a dental visit should be done every six months, irrespective of age, for a cleaning and checkup. If someone suffers from periodontal disease, however, they should visit more often, three to four times a year and X-rays done  yearly.

Incidentally, most people buy insurance policies from companies that are unaffiliated with general medical insurance, but Dr. Blount suggests that an incorporated plan would be preferable over two completely separate policies. 

How has dental treatment advanced and evolved?

Dentistry has become a lot easier with advanced technology and modern medicine. Many procedures are now painless and fewer hands are needed upon the invention of new tools and equipment. “The root canal was a fear for people,” Dr. Blount says,  “but now even implants are painless, and there are different options to treat and replace teeth.” She believes technology has made life far easier for patients than it used to be, and it saves dentists time as well.

To learn more about Dr. Blount and Dental Design PC, visit www.dentaldesignpc.com or call 616-452-0400. Their reviews can be found here, offering insights about the patient experience at Dental Design PC.