Draft.dev Sits at the Intersection of Software Engineering and Writing

Adam Torres and Karl Hughes discuss Draft.dev

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Show Notes: 

Draft.dev provides high-quality, technical content that resonates with software developers. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Karl Hughes, Founder & CEO of Draft.dev, explore the Draft.dev story and how to create marketing content aimed at software engineers or technical audiences. 

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About Karl Hughes

After 8 years leading software engineering teams, Karl decided to blend his love of writing and marketing with my technical expertise. Now he runs Draft.dev, a technical content marketing agency that creates in-depth, high-quality content for startups that want to reach software developers.

In his free time, Karl Hughes write about startups, leadership, and technology on www.karllhughes.com

About Draft.dev

Draft.dev sits at the intersection of software engineering and writing. They provide high-quality, technical content that resonates with software developers.

You no longer need to worry about creating a content plan, researching topics, or finding writers. We take care of the entire process, giving you a regular supply of ready-to-publish articles.

Draft.dev commitment to quality is reflected at every stage of the process. Subject-matter experts are assigned to each article, so every piece is detailed and authoritative. The team includes technical reviewers and experienced editors who make sure that all content is consistent with our style guide. They can also plan topics and keywords to help you become more visible in Google.

All of the writers are practicing software developers, so Draft.dev focuses on interesting, in-depth, technical content that other developers want to read.