Dune Jewelry Creates Tangible Reminders of Life’s Most Precious Moments

Adam Torres and Holly Daniels Christensen discuss Dune Jewelry.

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Show Notes:

Dune Jewelry creates handcrafted jewelry and accessories using sand and earth elements from thousands of memorable locations around the world. In this episode, Adam Torres and Holly Daniels Christensen, Founder & CEO of Dune Jewelry. Explore the Dune Jewelry story and its plans for future growth

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About Holly Daniels Christensen:

Holly Daniels Christensen is a mom, travel lover, and kitchen table entrepreneur who has propelled her business, Dune Jewelry & Co., from a passion project to a worldwide brand over the past eleven years. Holly is unafraid of hard work and possesses an inspirational “never say never” attitude. She is a talented designer focused on capturing memories to create tangible reminders of life’s most cherished moments, which symbolizes Dune’s line of handcrafted Experiential Jewelry.® As the recipient of many awards, she is a self- proclaimed “work in progress” and credits the healing power of the ocean for much of her evolution from high school dropout to well-respected and successful CEO. An advocate for giving back to the community, Holly is proud to spearhead many fundraisers each year for nonprofit organizations.

About Dune Jewelry:

Dune Jewelry celebrates your memories by capturing them in tangible reminders that will last a lifetime. They handcraft jewelry and accessories using sand & earth elements from thousands of iconic locations around the globe. The company loves a life well-traveled and encourages wanderlust in each and every one of you. The destinations in their Sandbank reach far and wide – from childhood beach homes to golf courses, hiking trails, vacation spots, and more.