EagleRail On Ushering in a New Era for Logistics

Mike Wychocki, Chairman & CEO of EagleRail Container Logistics, is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Mike Wychocki believes his company is on the cusp of something monumental. He and his team at EagleRail Container Logistics are about to launch a solution in 2021 that will propel global supply chain logistics into a new era. Mike Wychocki talks to Adam Torres about his company, his passion project, and his prediction for EagleRail in 2021 and beyond.

Aiming for Global Impact

Mike Wychocki and his team took six years to establish themselves as an industry leader in smarter container logistics. He believes that there will be explosive growth in automation in the logistics intermodal sector and wants to be a part of it. “What we do with a 60,000-pound freight container is what Amazon automated warehouses do with a 60-pound box,” says Mike, describing his company in a nutshell.

His second career came to him during a family tour around 22 countries. His big idea was to find a passion project that had a global impact while being sustainable at the same time. On his return, he met an engineer who developed the idea of automating container shuttling via overhead light-rail, but who needed help with marketing, sales and fund-raising. What started as a passion project became an all-consuming new company global re-launch.

What makes EagleRail Container Logistics unique is its operations. The company has devised a method to have containers transported from ships to long-haul rail without dirty diesel trucks driving through congested city centers.

EagleRail Container Logistics will be launching a live demonstration of this method in 2021 to the public and investors. It will show how the intermodal portion of  cargo logistics can be overhauled and lead the  way for something smarter and more sustainable. 

Company culture is also essential to Mike and EagleRail. Eighteen associates in his team have stuck by the company since the beginning and now perform core operations.

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Challenges to Market

Mike also believes that their business model of  “infrastructure-as-a-service” that EagleRail provides will change the way people see coordinating, tracking and billing cargo moves, specifically by making automated intermodal transportation possible outside port gates as well as inside. He believes that light rail and automated overhead transport have many benefits over the road since they are faster and relieve overcrowded roads near port and intermodal centers. He says that his company wants to show that a port and the city can both support growth and coexist peacefully without impeding the other’s work through the transportation of goods and services.

“The answer not only lies in our patented technology, but also in bringing all the stakeholders to the table,” says Mike. 

Unprecedented Process

Our new, automated intermodal process is more efficient, clean and is also a good business model for investors, says Mike. The future is in bettering the investment  model by providing infrastructure as a service through PPP’s. Mike says that the shipping industry has to better understand the power of data and harness it to increase efficiency and visibility. Improving short-haul intermodal data will enable companies to better manage inventories and adjust delivery schedules to better manage supply chain disruptions.

Data, combined with blockchain technology, will pave the road to the future, says Mike. This will not only make transportation more transparent but also eliminate costly paper and facilitate faster payments.  Mike ends the podcast by inviting everyone to witness the first installation of the company. 


Mike Wychocki is the Chairman & CEO of EagleRail Container Logistics. He has been in the business of marketing and advertising for over 30 years now. He can be reached out by writing to [email protected]. More about the company can be known by visiting eaglerail.com. The company also has active Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and a YouTube channel where Mike and his team post the company’s latest videos and interviews.