Economic Development with Wayne Sharp

Adam Torres and Wayne Sharp discuss economic development.

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Show Notes:

MyVerse provides a personalized path to purpose helping both individuals and State Economic Development Boards. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Wayne Sharp, Founder and President of MyVerse, explore MyVerse and it’s plans for the future.

About Wayne Sharp

He is the Founder/President of MyVerse, where they work with State Economic Development and WorkForce Boards to stop the growing Skills Gap by simply psychometrically match citizens/students/veterans to a personalized path of purpose. His goal is to make the world a happier, kinder place which is why I have sacrificed and bootstrapped to build MyVerse, a site that will be global within 2 years.

Purpose brings Kindness, Kindness bring Peace – “this is what He is about” His career started in the Advertising/Marketing world including his own Agency which won seven awards and was responsible for taking several Brands to the next level beating their competitors by using the top-down approach to the market. He is a Kiwi (not the fuzzy fruit), from one of the most beautiful countries in the world – New Zealand.

He is a qualified teen Mentor helping over a hundred low self-esteem and at-risk students personally building their confidence and setting them up for future success. He is a Bio-hacker (feel free to ask me about it) As a Dyslexic – He’s an ideas guy, big picture, my vision and ability to solve and prevent issues is welcomed by those who want to. He is deeply passionate about helping people, especially youth and fixing the broken US Education system so that the future generation is smarter than the current.

About MyVerse

MyVerse.com is an online resource for Teens, providing tools in Careers, Finance, Health, Personal Growth, Culture and lots more. Currently Teens can get Psychometrically matched to 1-5 Careers, watch a video of that Career, which is matched to a Major or Course, which matched to a Higher Ed Institution. They also can access Sponsorships, Internships, Financial Aid, etc.

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