Elephant Learning Helps Kids Excel in Math with Dr. Aditya Nagrath

Adam Torres and Aditya Nagarath discuss Elephant Learning.

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Show Notes:

Elephant Learning is taking a new approach to helping kids learn math. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dr. Aditya Nagrath, Founder at Elephant Learning, explores Elephant Learning’s approach to helping kids learn math.

About Aditya Nagarath 

Dr. Nagrath is a visionary leader on a mission to change the way that the world teaches mathematics. Dr. Nagrath is the co-founded Elephant Learning Math Academy which is a gamification of a proven curriculum. On average, children in Elephant Learning learn 1.5 years of mathematics in 10 weeks using the system just 30 minutes per week. Dr. Nagrath, at age 14, taught himself C++ and continued on to read books on game development and neural networks which are the basis for modern day artificial intelligence. He graduated from the University of Denver with a dual major of Mathematics and Computer Science, continuing on to graduate school while working full time as a software developer to graduate with a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science 7 years later.

After a decade in University, Dr. Nagrath graduated to found Elephant Head Software where he led a team of no more than 10 engineers to bring over 35 different product lines with over 50 different applications to market between 2009 and 2016. In 2016, Dr. Nagrath co-founded Elephant Learning with Professor Alvaro Arias from the University of Denver in order to bring transformational change to America’s education system. 3 out of 4 students are not proficient at High School Mathematics, leading to 69% of STEM majors switching majors to a major with less mathematics. Math deficiencies happen completely amongst income lines leading to a preservation of the cycle of poverty as mathematical scores often predict high school dropout and over all scores.

Elephant Learning provides mathematical activities from counting to calculus that are proven to foster deep understanding in mathematics with transformational results for children through all walks of life. Empowerment is understanding the concepts that hold us back, enjoyment in the classroom setting is understanding the teacher. Dr. Nagrath is also a seasoned public speaker, software developer, social media marketer, and businessman.

About Elephant Learning

Elephant Learning is an automated math academy that guarantees your child will learn one year of math in three months. All it takes is 30 minutes of math on the Elephant Learning app per week. The result? Confident students and a solid foundation to support lifelong math concept comprehension. Studies show that children who perform better in math go on to likewise perform better in reading, writing, speaking and problem-solving. However, four out of five children enter kindergarten unprepared for the math curriculum taught in schools and only one-third of high school students are proficient in math. In college, nearly 70 percent of all STEM majors end up switching to a major with less math. 

Elephant Learning was founded by two university mathematicians and based on hundreds of years of research. The Elephant Learning process uses algorithms to quickly detect what a child does and doesn’t understand. Then, children receive activities proven to teach math concepts efficiently, with better results, faster. You, the parent, receive real-time reports on your child’s progress, plus handy advice to take the concepts your child is learning outside of the app and apply them to real life. All of this is aimed at creating a future of lifelong learners confident in their math abilities, free from math-related anxiety and capable of thriving in a STEM-centric future. 

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