Emergency Face Shields Produced by Bridgewater Studio with Patrick Justice

Adam Torres and Patrick Justice discuss creating emergency face shields.

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Show Notes:

Emergency face shields are needed by first responders across the country. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Patrick Justice, Partner at Bridgewater Studio, explore how Bridgewater Studio has stepped up to produce face shields to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

About Bridgewater Studio Inc.

We work with our clients in many ways; as a sounding board during concepting, as a consultant during engineering and as a partner during fabrication. Our job is to listen to you and make your ideas come to life exactly the way you want. Often the biggest challenge is making that great concept work with a less than ideal budget; but we’re experienced with that as well. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished then give us a call or drop us a line and let’s figure out a way to make that big idea come to life.

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