Emerging Global Partnerships Models; A compass for the future! with Dr. Ray Lutzky

In this episode, we are honored to bring Dr. Ray Lutzky. Dr Lutzky is an American professor, education technology (EdTech) consultant and communications expert who has worked with many of the world’s most innovative and recognizable universities.  In his current role, Dr Lutzy is Vice President at Academic Partnerships, a leading EdTech company based in Dallas, Texas that helps universities increase student access to top-quality, affordable and workforce-relevant education delivered online. 

Dr Lutzky is keen to share the unique experience that he gained through enrollment management leadership roles at CornellNew York University (NYU)Pace University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and more. 

In this episode, Dr. Ray and Bakhtiyor will expand the topic about ‘Emerging Global Partnerships Models; A compass for the future!’ 

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Journey in Higher Education
  • What is the Most Important for you as a Higher Education Leader
  • What Changed Higher Education after the Pandemic
  • What Underlying Cause for Institutions to Compete Alone 
  • Scaling a Facility in Institutions
  • Difference Between the Revenue Share Model VS Fee for Service Model

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