Emersons Go Off the Grid

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Capitalism, Environmental, and Social Governance don’t always quite fit well together.  Bryan Emerson has found a way to do both.  He and his wife Laura gave up the hustle and bustle of city life to go off the grid deep in the forests of Alaska, an area so remote it can only be accessed by seaplane.

As an angel investor and investment banker since 2000 and serial entrepreneur since the 1970s, Bryan Emerson has developed a network of over 46,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.  Most are fellow finance professionals who run venture funds, private equity funds, investment banks, and family offices and who, as individuals, enjoy investing personal money in angel rounds of promising companies too small for their corporate funding.  

Bryan’s investor network can be accessed at www.starlightcapital.co Bryan’s wife, Laura Emerson, is an author of a unique blog about living life off the grid: www.Alaskauu1.blogspot.com. 

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