Empowering Creation of Next Gen Learning for Creators

Adam Torres and So-Young Kang discuss Gnowbe.

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Show Notes:  

Gnowbe is a microlearning creator tool for awesome interactive, group learning experiences. In this episode,  Adam Torres and So-Young Kang, Chief Energizer & Founder at Gnowbe, explore how Gnowbe is empowering creators. 

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About Gnowbe

Gnowbe is a super easy-to-use authoring tool that empowers creators to design, digitize and scale shared learning experiences (like ‘Canva for Learning Experiences’).

Gnowbe’s award-winning “one touch authoring” system features group boards for shared learning and engagement, scheduled session deployment, rapid curation accessing multimedia options, gamification, offline access and push notifications. Gnowbe makes learning fun, engaging, and effective enabling understanding, retention and application. It’s powered by robust analytics, CRM system and e-commerce engine to manage learners.