Empowering Leaders to Make a Difference with Shivani Chokshi

Adam Torres and Shivani Chokshi discuss empowering leaders.

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Show Notes:

Empowering leaders to make a difference can create a ripple effect. The more purpose filled leaders the better. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Shivani Chokshi, Co-Founder and CEO at Impaction, discuss how Impaction is empowering leaders to make a positive social difference in their local communities.

About Shivani Chokshi

Shivani is a social entrepreneur who started her journey working in the social justice sector. She worked with public organizations that are dedicated to solving challenges surrounding education, health, conflict resolution, and legal representation regarding family law and religious discrimination. Her expertise includes conducting extensive research and evaluation across various projects, utilizing data visualization to explain systems processes, educating and facilitating diverse groups of individuals, and leading logistical and experimental operations for agencies with the goal of recommending top ideas and challenges to alleviate persistent challenges facing the world today. Shivani now works as an analyst for the third largest school district in the nation and leads a social enterprise, Impaction, that is dedicated to inspire and support individuals to create a positive difference in their local communities.

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