Empowerment for Life and Leadership with Tanja Bogataj

Adam Torres and Tanja Bogataj discuss empowerment and leadership.

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Show Notes:

Leadership is at the core of many successful organizations. Without effective leadership, companies often plateau. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tanja Bogataj, Leadership and Life Transformational Coach at Tanja Bogataj Coaching, explore the #bepowerfulandfree platform and how it is helping businesses succeed.

About Tanja Bogataj 

As a founder and owner of #bepowerfulandfree and Empowered2Impact Tanja Bogataj lead, coach and empower people to be owners of their lives, to be and give their best and make a difference for themselves, people they lead and co-create with, and for the society in general. She has created a blog and platform www.bepowerfulandfree.com where we share personal power and leaders stories to learn from, and empower each other. She is a passionate and curious student of life. She loves sharing this journey with her loved ones, and people she works and creates with.She loves learning, co-creating and improving. She enjoys nature, travel and movement, especially dancing and swimming. She believes in people, and in sharing and collaboration. 

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