Enabling Businesses to Instantly Access and Act on Valuable Insights

Adam Torres and Daniel Erickson discuss Viable. 

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Show Notes:

Viable is an AI analytics tool that enables businesses to instantly access and act on valuable insights from customer feedback, saving them hundreds of hours spent analyzing feedback. In this episode, Adam Torres and Daniel Erickson, Founder and CEO of Viable, explore the Viable story and plans for the future.  

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About Daniel Erickson

Every great manager has three tools to help their team achieve their goals: people, process, and purpose. Using these tools, Daniel helps you build systems to unlock the potential in your teams.

Which team will perform better: a team that can work brilliantly together, or a team of brilliant assholes? You built a team because you realized that you couldn’t do everything yourself. He builds teams who work brilliantly together. Organizational research has shown that a team of people from different backgrounds will perform better than a team of similar people. And you can’t build a diverse team without first building an inclusive environment. The goal is to foster good listening habits and clear communication skills to create a safe place where the people on your team can thrive. When everyone on a team feels safe to express who they are and what they need to do, magic happen.

About Viable

Growth minded companies recognize the value in asking for feedback from customers, partners, and employees. But listening, understanding, and extracting actionable insights from that feedback poses a significant challenge.

In today’s data-driven world, quantitative data is highly valued, but up to 80% of customer data remains underutilized because it is qualitative in nature. This includes everything from customer support interactions to product reviews and call transcripts to satisfaction surveys. Analyzing this qualitative data is a daunting task that requires significant time and resources.

Introducing the Experience Analysis Platform: The Future of Qualitative Data Analysis.

An Experience Analysis Platform (XAP) is a new type of software that harnesses the power of AI and Natural Language Processing to analyze massive streams of unstructured data and extract actionable insights into easy-to-understand reports that read like a human spent days building them. An XAP empowers Product, Customer Experience, Research, and HR teams to deeply understand the needs of their audience so they can optimize experiences accordingly.

With an Experience Analysis Platform, you can:

  • Analyze large amounts of feedback efficiently, reducing operational costs and manual errors
  • Extract actionable insights in real-time to improve your products and services
  • Dig into respondent traits and metadata to uncover hidden connections

Unstructured feedback is your company’s most valuable resource. Turn it into your competitive advantage by actively listening with Viable, the world’s first Experience Analysis Platform.