Energy, Carbon, and the Future Role of Hydrocarbons with Ryan Keys

Ryan Keys & Adam Torres discuss energy, carbon, and hydrocarbons. 

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Show Notes:

Ryan Keys Co-Founder at Triple Crown Resources

The oil and gas industry has been going through significant changes as demand changes. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ryan Keys, President and Co-Founder at Triple Crown Resources, explore the current and future state of oil and gas companies.

About Triple Crown Resources

Winning a Triple Crown in baseball requires a rare mix of talent. You’ve got to be able to hit the ball out of the park, get on base and come through in the clutch. Winning in the recycling services business is no different. That’s why they are the Triple Crown Resources. They strive to lead the industry in reliability, service and price.

They know that every client has different needs. For some price is #1, #2 and #3. Others need a partner where consistency is king. Some want a team member who will always go above and beyond. They pride themselves on starting every one of our partnerships with transparency, honesty, and questions that help us develop the best possible solution for your business.

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