Ensuring AI Has a Moral Framework with Guy Gadney

Adam Torres and Guy Gadney discuss the future of AI.

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Show Notes:

AI has brought many advancements to industry. With this pace of advancement comes added responsibility. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Guy Gadney, Co-founder and CEO of Charisma.ai, explore the moral framework of AI going forward.

About Guy Gadney 

Guy is a digital media leader with over 20 years experience in mobile, internet, games and IoT product design and development. He has lead digital content teams for media and telecommunications companies internationally, working in both large corporate and start-up environments. Guy has produced BAFTA and EMMY-recognised digital projects including the international success for the BBC drama Sherlock, the online AI thriller The Suspect, and transmedia projects for Home and Away, RTL Media and the BBC. He was founder and Group Director of The Project Factory and led its successful acquisition in 2015 by London-based agency Way To Blue.

About Charisma.ai

Charisma.ai is a storytelling platform powered by AI to deliver immersive and realistic character-led experiences that drive measurable audience engagement by focusing on: Conversation, Context and Character. The platform enables the creation of virtual characters for TV, Movies, games and to power VR experiences. Their background in producing award-winning projects for international brands has given us unparalleled insights into how character-driven stories can drive audience engagement.

As a result, the Charisma.ai platform combines all the elements that we know work – from traditional storytelling techniques and game design to advanced technologies (AI, NLP and Machine Learning) – to create interactive experiences that are unique, memorable and, most importantly, inspire audiences to come back again and again. They offer their partners the ability to bring both short-form and long-form storytelling to life, and to engage audiences in new ways on any platform, whether it’s mobile, online or VR.   

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