Ensuring Employee Engagement

Adam Torres and Scott Rigby discuss employee engagement.

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Show Notes:  

MotivationWorks provides a framework for improving motivation, engagement and behavior change that is backed by 40 years of research. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Scott Rigby, Founder & CEO of motivationWorks, explore self-determination theory and how companies can use it to boost employee engagement. 

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About Scott Rigby

Over 20 years at Immersyve/motivationWorks, He has been integrating his experiences as both a technologist and a behavioral scientist to deepen and sustain customer and employee engagement through proven motivational science, with a specific focus on fulfillment and well-being as the most effective strategy. They bring proven scientific models of engagement/motivation forward into products and services and provide clear, quantifiable, and actionable metrics that objectively measure effectiveness and ROI. Their founding team created Self-Determination Theory – the world’s most-cited scientific model for motivation, engagement, and well-being – which over the last 30 years has become a pillar of organizational psychology, specifically in areas of employee engagement, healthcare, talent development, and management.

What’s exciting about these areas is that much of what motivates and sustains engagement – namely, the support of key intrinsic psychological needs – not only improves the bottom line but also leads to more meaningful satisfactions and well-being for customers and employees alike. Specialties: User experience design, research, employee engagement, management consulting, market research and testing, motivational design, interactive product and service development, distance learning, training, simulation development, customer satisfaction, health care education