Entrepreneurship is More about Mindset than Just “Hard Work” with Wayne Veldsman

Adam Torres and Wayne Veldsman  discuss entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes:

Entrepreneurship is about more than hard work. Mindset matters and the right coach can make a difference. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Wayne Veldsman, Digital Growth Director at JourneyToLegacyBusiness.com and Podcast Host at Journey to Legacy Podcast, explore the entrepreneurship journey. 

About Wayne Veldsman 

He trains entrepreneurs how to effectively use their mindset & online systems to attract, close, and retain high-value customers. For the past 7 years, He helped start-ups and established businesses to solve their growth problems and increase their revenue by using creative marketing strategies, social media, and high performance coaching. He is passionate about helping clients to increase their customer basis and profit margins with scalable, repeatable, and measurable strategies.

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