Essential Services with Raju Datla

Adam Torres and Raju Datla discuss essential services.

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Show Notes:

Many real estate owners are looking for a way to increase cash flow on their properties. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Raju Datla, Business Owner at Mikshi Essential Services and Host of The Growth Mindset, explore how Mikshi Essential Services is serving its clients.

About Raju Datla

Evolving from a hands on developer in programming field in multitude of software languages and platforms to now Leadership roles, have held various positions and expertise over 20 years career. Very passionate about leadership and people development. He takes the passion of personal development and leadership into his entrepreneurship/career, and helps people grow along with him and/or learn from others. His objective is to take as many people with him or beyond his as possible, always lead from being a servant leader.

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