Esther Anaya Announces One-Year DJ Residency at Luxurious Resorts World’s Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas

Colombian-born music producer, singer, composer proves her musical force after DJ residency debut – Mission Matters Podcast Report

“After Esther Anaya’s premiere performances in early March 2022 at the prominent Resorts World’s Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub, there is no question that she is in the fast lane to success.” Adam Torres

She is mesmerizing thousands of music fanatics who pour into the venues to see her brilliance in person. Bringing her best self through her music has paid off after only a few performances at each of the clubs. With the high-quality and uber-energetic live experience that she brings her audiences, Resorts World has advanced her to a headlining artist as of April 2022 with a one-year contract to DJ at Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub.

Resorts World brings some of the world’s most sought-after DJs like Tiësto, Zedd and DJ Snake to provide unrivaled entertainment to their guests. Anaya is no exception! She has shared the stage with Rihanna, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and other musical icons.

Resort World’s mission is to introduce advanced technology in their entertainment venues for guests to have the ultimate nightlife experience. Anaya’s unique live performances incorporate the electric violin in which she is classically trained. This trailblazing attitude takes her combination of Latin, house, progressive, big room, four-on-the-floor influences in the EDM world to another level. Her musical explosions send her fans on a musical journey like no other. At an Esther Anaya Live (EAL) performance, her fans get to experience first-hand her catchy beats and a violin performance that incorporates classical and contemporary musical styles. It doesn’t stop there. Her strong bass shakes partygoers to their core with suspenseful mixes evoking thrills and excitement that make people get out, express themselves and move their bodies to the clever pulses.

Performing in Las Vegas was beyond thrilling. Having my billboard run for the entire week in Las Vegas was like a dream come true” recalled Anaya.

“Play all day. Seize the night.” This is Resorts World’s motto. Partygoers can rock out to Anaya when she is the headliner at Ayu Dayclub. This poolside setting with a Southeast Asian vibe lends itself to Anaya’s high-energy grooves. “As a headliner [you] put on a show. You go all in! Fans hear a mixture of house-infused songs and I am singing live,” said Anaya. She added that she enjoys the freedom to improvise and drive the energy of her listeners to new heights.

As the day transitions to night, Anaya’s performance at Zouk Nightclub takes music lovers into another exhilarating world replicating Singapore’s nightlife. She entertains into the wee hours of the morning taking her live performance along with the technologically advanced venue on a melodious symphonic danceable experience that is unparalleled.

What’s Next for Anaya

Esther Anaya is continuing to show her grit and determination to bring disruptive and captivating experiences through the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) for her devotees.

She gave a sneak peek at Ayu and Zouk last month for what’s coming up next. Anaya is sure to bring an eclectic twist to the EDM world with her performance of BAYC with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, who inspired the song. He vocalizes in the lyrical style that only he can do in combination with Anaya’s sick beats that will cue up the next hit or popular cancíon.

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