Everybody knows they should get to the point and be concise. Very few know how with Matthew Spence

Adam Torres and Matthew Spence explore communication skills.

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Show Notes:

Clear and concise messaging is often the most effective way to deliver important content. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Matthew Spence, President at Spence & Company, explore best practices for delivering messages.

About Matthew Spence

His an independent communications professional, who works with individuals, groups, and organizations to clarify thinking and communication. He teaches workshops on business and technical writing and presentation skills for professionals of all kinds. Participants learn to apply the principles of clear thinking to organize their ideas and information, a natural fit for him after twenty years as a writer and editor in various capacities.

He has over 20 years’ experience in organization development, with particular knowledge and experience in the design and facilitation of large and small group processes for strategic reflection and organizational change. He is a strategic thinker, a facilitator and educator, a writer and an editor, a resource for other consultants.

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