The market believes that BIDEN’S GOT THIS, so much more money is exiting silver than entering it!

The market is betting that the massive CASH PILES, which investors have collectively shelved on the sidelines (most investors are SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS, because of Trump’s ACTION-PACKED term in office) will exit the money-market accounts and find their way into real estate, equities and commodities.

Investors believe Biden would have a SOOTHING EFFECT on the economy; they’ve got A TON riding on higher interest rates — the market is SUPER-BEARISH on bonds!

No one believes that they can go ANY LOWER and reach even more negativity, in real terms.

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

Are you SEEING THIS? Have you ever seen something MORE OBVIOUS?

Man, this is going to cause so MUCH PAIN for these speculators; I can’t wait to see STOCKS SOAR, METALS RAGE and the dollar pull a U-TURN on everyone!

Don’t let your GUARD DOWN now, because that’s what happened to MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of investors in March and April; Wall Street PULLED THE RUG from under them, convincing them to stay in cash, while they were buying stocks with STEEP DISCOUNTS!

We gave you options, though; with our watch lists and we’ve been RIGHT. The chart above shows the world is betting on higher rates — what do you think WE’RE DOING?

With the World Health Organization now openly DEMANDING quarantines and lockdowns stop, with governments putting MORE STRATEGIC and far more sophisticated solutions in their place, the markets expect MORE STIMULUS, as do we.

Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

Here’s what every DOOM AND GLOOM investor feels in his heart of hearts, and he ends up MISSING OUT on the now +14 stocks that we outlined in 2020 ALONE that are up over +35%:

  1. The markets are rigged.
  2. Governments are drowning in debt.
  3. It’s a fake economy, a house of cards that can TOPPLE OVER at any moment.
  4. Stocks are historically-expensive; it’s a super bubble.
  5. “If I buy into this lie, I’ll end up losing a fortune.”

I’ve heard this LAST ONE (No.5) since 2009!

If the forecasters of -80% price drops, the preachers of SHORT TSLA and the instigators of not owning FAANG stocks would reveal their track records, you’d see that the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.

I still hear SUPER-POPULAR guests on shows predicting that gold is going to $800 and that we’ll see “1999 levels” in the stock market.

What a disservice these well-meaning frightened commentators do to their audience, who are enthusiastically convinced that the world is COMING TO AN END.

For years, people actually asked me how they get their hands on the actual stock certificates, since they thought the brokerage firm was GOING UNDER.

2008 scarred the mentality of millions of people; they can’t trust anything or anyone anymore and that actually has a NEGATIVE PRICE attached to it.

I think silver is going to ALL-TIME HIGHS, due to the cyclical bear market that the dollar has begun. The world isn’t going to end; it is going to GET RICHER — the only question is will JEFF BEZOS grow his wealth to $300bn before you grow yours to 7-figures?

This is your moment; now, more than ever, you have a REAL CHANCE to say:


It’s your turn; put your CAPE ON and be a superman.