Experiential Learning with Jordan Levy

Adam Torres and Jordan Levy discuss experiential learning.

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Show Notes:

Experiential learning programs are becoming an important part of the education process. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jordan Levy, Co-Founder and Executive Director at CapSource, explore CapSource as a leader in the experiential learning space.

About Jordan Levy

Jordan is a serial education technology entrepreneur. He has started two EdTech companies that help higher-ed programs bridge the skills gap for their students through experiential learning. His method is to integrate real companies into the education process through hands-on collaborations that expose learners to new circumstances with real stakeholders, challenges, and outcomes.

His company CapSource makes building and scaling industry-integrated project-based experiential learning programs easy. Through a combination of software and services, CapSource helps educators match with companies and design projects based on narrow academic requirements. So far, CapSource has leveraged 300+ different company partners to provide in-depth learning experiences to 3,200+ students at 60+ different institutions around the globe including Notre Dame, The University of Richmond, Adelphi University, and UT Dallas. Jordan started his first company, Real Time Cases, while an undergraduate at Lehigh University studying Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Outside of work, Jordan is passionate about cooking, hiking, traveling, sailing, tennis, public speaking, photography, mixology, and coaching/connecting fellow entrepreneurs.

About CapSource

CapSource is an education technology company focused on helping schools build and scale their immersive, transformative project-based experiential learning programs that integrate real companies, their business leaders, and their challenges directly into the education process for their students. Their approach is to provide schools with freemium software (CONNECT) and added services (Company Sourcing, Project Design, and Faculty Training) so they can build/maintain relationships with companies and design project-based collaborations that align course teaching goals with company goals so that everyone wins.

Their mission is to better prepare students for the professional work environment before they graduate. They believe students need more opportunities to explore careers, business models, products, and positions before beginning their careers, which is really only possible with industry collaboration. They are confident that students learn best, and can accomplish most, when they’re placed into a real business context with real projects, and real stakeholders. Their hands-on learning collaborations are low maintenance for companies, while being a very meaningful learning experience for young business professionals.

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