Explore the Next Frontier in Digital and AI Transformations with Malcolm Bohm

Adam Torres and Malcolm Bohm discuss the impact of digital advancements in today’s marketplace.

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Show Notes:

  • AI Transformations
  • Personalization
  • Short for targeted messaging
  • TikTok

There is a lot to be excited about in the new frontier of Digital. AI advancements, personalized targeted messaging and platforms like TikTok are changing the way we do digital. In this episode Adam Torres and Malcolm Bohm, CEO & Founder of Liquid Grids, explore the digital transformation that affects us all.

About Liquid Grids

Social Empowerment, Education and Support for Healthcare Consumers and Medical Professionals via highly engaged Social Communities. 1 Million Consumers connected to 10s of Millions more in the US and 1.5 Million Medical Professionals globally.

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