Exploring Creative Rights and Strong Women in the Music Industry with Laura Short/f1oater.

Welcome to I Eat Vibes for Breakfast! On today’s episode, host Juliana Hale sits down with a longtime friend and collaborator Laura Short to discuss creative rights, licensing, and management, as well as insight into her journey. Juliana and Laura discuss how they met back in 2019, their experiences at music festivals, and their thoughts on strong women in the music industry. The two also plug their tea of the day, Tazo Green Ginger Tea, and chat about the latest news regarding Avril Levine and Mod Sun. Tune in to hear all this and more!

Story Notes:

  • Who is Laura Short / F1oater
  • Tazo Green Ginger Tea
  • Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun
  • Creative Rights
  • Licensing
  • Management
  • Staying Friends even when You’re Busy
  • Experiences in Music Industry

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