Exploring the Medical & Law Firm Marketing Landscapes

Adam Torres and Joseph Catania discuss medical and law firm marketing. 

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Show Notes: 

Marketing for law firms and medical professionals can be challenging. However, with the right team, success is possible. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Joseph Catania, CEO & Founder of Catania Media Consultants, explore what it takes to stand out from the crowd of medical and law professionals.

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About Joseph Catania

Joseph passion is helping businesses craft compelling media campaigns based not simply on a sales and marketing perspective but on how the campaign fits into the overall growth strategies and operational structure of the company.

If you are a business owner who wants to see even better results from your media campaigns, his mission is to help you optimize your campaigns to an even higher level. Helping you to access the latest strategies for connecting with and creating a relationship with your perfect avatars — your ideal clients. Tapping into the two decades of relationships that I have developed within the industry as he helped grow our own family business Catania & Catania law firm by more than 300%.

And that’s only the beginning. There are many terrific media companies out there but the challenge that I found was finding an agency that also deeply understood the intricacies of managing accelerated growth and the day to day business operations.

From my 17 years of experience as their firm’s CFO, he has developed a unique vantage point that allows me to approach media buying, digital and brand marketing with expertise in the “total picture perspective”. he offer clients an even bigger competitive edge by delivering an overall campaign that not only sounds “awesome” but that actually works in the context of a functioning, expanding business.

About Catania Media Consultants LLC

They are a full service Advertising and Marketing agency. Specializing in Website Design and SEO and SEM optimization. Online display ads, Geo Fencing, E-Mail Marketing and OTT. Traditional Media Buying including T.V. , Radio and Out of Home strategies.