Exploring What Real Success Looks Like with Mansour Khatib

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In this episode of Mentors By Design, host Victor invites Mansour Khatib to have an open and honest conversation about what lies behind the curtain of success. Mansour, a German-born entrepreneur, shares his story of being a travel enthusiast, working in multiple countries, and his experience of losing his business after the September 11th attack. Mansour also strongly believes that success should not be defined by money, but instead by quality. He challenges us to reflect on our own lives and to strive for equality. He also offers insight on embracing challenges and unlearning the lies we have been taught throughout our lives.

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Story Notes:

  • Mansour Khatib’s Background
  • Principles of Business: Passion and Determination
  • Quality of Life: Respect life and Strive for Equality 
  • Advice: Embrace Challenge, Explore, Strive for an Exciting Life, and Unlearn What You Learned Earlier in Life

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