Facilities Management Trends with Carl G. Edelblute

Adam Torres and Carl Edelblute discuss facilities management.

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Show Notes:

Facilities management is quickly evolving. As the pendulum swings, new opportunities present themselves. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Carl G. Edelblute, Senior Vice President of JorgensenFM, explore current trends in facilities management and the importance of having a strong company culture.

About Carl Edelblute 

Carl Edelblute is Visionary and entrepreneurial corporate executive with a holistic business outlook who challenges conventional norms to identify new opportunities, improve services, and processes to enhance the bottom line.

He defines business needs, identifies solutions, and aligns functions to expand business footprint and enhance competitive advantage. Cuts waste, eliminates bottlenecks, and improves throughput to increase organizational value.

He also leads with clarity and honesty to inspire trust, clarify expectations, and build long-standing partnerships. Acknowledged for growing and managing key corporate and public sector accounts to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

About Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.

Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered near Washington, D.C. with ongoing maintenance clients throughout the United States. With 50 years as a leader in maintenance contracting and consulting, Jorgensen has provided service to clients in 40 states and 24 foreign countries. As the first firm to specialize in facilities and highway assets maintenance, our firm has developed many of the maintenance contracting, management and organization practices in use today.  Jorgensen is a national provider of maintenance services, employing engineers, technicians and multi-discipline professionals. Our firm has held significant operations and maintenance contracts worldwide.

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