FAME Parlays Retail Experience to Enter New Markets with Lynne Robertson

Adam Torres and Lynne Robertson discuss FAME.

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LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Lynne Robertson, CEO of FAME and founder of Lead Like a Mother is interviewed on Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres.

In this in-depth interview, Robertson tells the story of purchasing FAME from Omnicom to become a fully independent woman-owned enterprise. Using experience gained serving retail clients, Robertson and team expanded FAMEs’ offerings to reach a broader demographic, including healthcare organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cricket Health and The Good Clinic.  Further expansion into fitness and recreation led to brand-building and experiential work for Anytime Fitness and Polaris, among others.   

Watch the full interview:

“We’ve worked with blue-chip retailers, like Target and Best Buy over the years. As the retail landscape changed exponentially with the onset of online retail, we had to evolve our skills, not only from brick and mortar into digital but to other categories as well.” – Lynne Roberston 

Drawing from her retail experience, Robertson explains why FAME is uniquely positioned to help companies in the current fast-paced environment.

According to Robertson, “We have always had a SWAT team approach to our creativity because we have to solve the problem in real-time. We are extremely agile with a retail sensibility of ‘what’s next,’ that allows us to innovate and execute for clients in an extremely dynamic business landscape.”   

This in-depth interview provides insight into FAME’s success, the importance of healthy culture during trying times and how Lead Like a Mother helps build resilient, innovative teams.

About FAME:

FAME began as the retail arm of a general agency in 1991 – making us sharp, nimble and preemptive thinkers. While retail has shaped us, it no longer defines us. Today, we continue to help brands anticipate what’s next on a broader level. Grounded in strategic insight, and guided by emerging trends and cultural cues, we help brands discover what they have that people want most. And express it in a way that only they can.

About Lynne Robertson:

Lynne Robertson, CEO and Owner at FAME, is a proven industry force and frequent speaker, Lynne captured the attention of the industry when she purchased Fame from its global holding company in 2015, shedding the traditional agency model for a renewed focus on being done with what’s been done. An AdFed Silver recipient, Effie winner, member of The Hub Braintrust, honorary AdFed Board member and VP of the Twin Cities Retail Design Institute, she is wholeheartedly committed to choreographing brand experiences that consumers love to love.

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