Family Governance with Jason J. Howell, CFP®

Adam Torres and Jason Howell discuss family governance.

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Show Notes:

Family governance is a part of the financial planning process that is often overlooked. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jason J. Howell, CFP®, Founder, President and Family Wealth Adviser at Jason Howell Company, explore how Jason Howell Company is prioritizing family governance when completing financial plans for their clients.   


Jason Howell Company (JHCo.) is a fiduciary, family wealth advisory firm for clients who want to be happy with their financial lives.  JHCo. provides comprehensive, fiduciary advice by listening to your goals and money experiences then collaborating to create the best possible outcomes.    

You want to reduce your anxiety around money, enjoy your family life, achieve the American Dream and change the world.   

You are looking for a small firm, where you can work with the owners; people who know you by name and consider you a top client.  You of course don’t want to be that firm’s only client but each time you interact with your financial adviser, you want to feel like you are. 

JHCo. is registered as an Investment Adviser with the State of Virginia. It was founded on 09/24/2009, and became registered as an investment adviser in November of 2015.

The firm is compensated directly by clients and receives no commissions or kickbacks from any other source.  What makes this firm unique is our focus on two-income families.  We believe you have something greater yet to achieve than your paycheck.  And we believe your success in life is determined by constant financial planning; which can be a full-time job.

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