Farming Assets Podcast Launches on the Mission Matters Podcast Network

Adam Torres and Robert Wolf discuss the Farming Assets podcast. 

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Robert Wolf, RFC, Founder of Terra Firma Business and Financial Consultants LLC, explore Robert’s new podcast Farming Assets. 

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About Robert Wolf

Here’s what he do — he help speed up cash flow by increasing tax-efficient assets using reduced taxes, debts, and proven strategies!

With a quick 30-minute assessment of your financial situation, he can immediately identify the missed opportunities that they can take advantage of to achieve your financial goals at 3x the speed.

He has helped numerous business owners in the United States double their asset worth in 12 months with a few simple adjustments to their financial strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about his process strategies to help business owners quickly achieve financial freedom, feel free to message him directly or use the link below to schedule an assessment of your financial situation.

About Terra Firma Business and Financial Consultants LLC

As your “Personal CFO” the Asset Coach & Tax Strategy Specialists at Terra Firma Consulting develop comprehensive custom plans specific to your situation.

They will help educate you on the various “Economic Termites” – external factors and events that silently eat away at your wealth. By using specific business and asset growth principles in conjunction with deep knowledge of business tax deductions, our full-service approach allows you to keep these Economic Termites at bay.

They enhance the attainment of your goals through looking at all aspects of your plan with a big-picture approach. You deserve an expert team who knows the rules to help manage and grow assets, while minimizing taxes. As your personal CFO, Terra Firma’s interdisciplinary team of professionals will enable you to navigate the economic situations as they come, stress-free.