Fashion for Profit Helps Apparel Industry Startups Succeed

Adam Torres and Frances Harder discuss Fashion for Profit.

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Show Notes:

Fashion for Profit is on a mission to help apparel industry startups succeed. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Frances Harder, Author & Business Consultant at Fashion for Profit Consulting. Explore the apparel industry, brand building for profit, costing for profit and what it takes for startups to thrive in today’s marketplace.

About Frances Harder

Frances Harder is an industry expert and educator. She has published a series of books dealing with starting a fashion business.  Fashion for Profit, Costing for Profit, Brand Building for Profit and Forms for Profit are industry focused texts used both by new companies and for further education programs.

About Fashion For Profit

Fashion for Profit Consulting is the fashion industry’s leading resource for turning concepts and businesses into a profitable reality.
Frances Harder and her team are dedicated to providing specific world-class education, technical training, sourcing, networking, operations, marketing, mentoring and consulting services. Fashion for Profit’s global resources offers a platform to connect the resources people need to build a successful fashion business!