Female Anti-Poaching Units in Africa with Jessica Graham

Adam Torres and Jessica Graham discuss female anti-poaching units in Africa.

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Show Notes:

Female anti-poaching units in Africa are making a big difference in saving wildlife. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jessica Graham, President at JG Global Advisory, explore how female anti-poaching units in Africa are stemming corruption, reducing poaching activities and enhancing security. 

About Jessica Graham

Chief Strategist and Senior Policy Advisor specializing in International Security and Law Enforcement, Environmental Policy and Sustainability. Nearly fifteen years of experience working in private, public and non-profit sectors focused on environmental and security issues. Excellent communication, coordination and organization skills collaborating with government inter-agency, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs and industry.

Experience working on criminal justice, rule of law, law enforcement, climate change, clean and renewable energy, wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, and illicit fisheries topics.

Her specialties: Public policy (executive branch), non-traditional security threats, innovation, environmental policy in the U.S. and abroad. Emerging environmental crime areas, wildlife anti-trafficking policy and politics. International relations, national security, diplomacy, development, East Asia and the Pacific, China, APEC, ASEAN, OECD, UN Crime Commission, G-7, G-20, US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

About JG Global Advisory, LLC

JG Global Advisory, LLC is a  minority, woman-owned small business (WOSB) consultancy providing advisory services and integrated solutions for environmental and international security challenges.

They provide consulting services to public, private, and non-profit sectors for formulating sound policies and business development on law enforcement, international security, and environmental issues for full cycle proposal management, project assessments and implementation, business development, and corporate social responsibility issues.

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