Feng Systems Questions on Concrete with Fibers can Outperform , Enhancing the e5 Colloidal Silica Systems

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In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts podcast, Host Martin talks with David Lawn, M. Esc. & MEDA Engineer and Robert Higgins,Consultant – Product Development, Concrete related and a renowned USA Concrete Expert. They highlight the topic about enhancing the e5 colloidal silica systems.

MEDA (Modern Engineering Design Associates) Limited was founded in 1970 by Melvyn and Carole Lawn to be a class leading engineering design firm in Windsor, ON. Since this time MEDA Limited (MEDA) has grown to include offices in Madison Heights, MI, and New Braunfels, TX.  MEDA has two core business units: consulting & engineering services and technical & professional staffing.  Our consulting and engineering services are focused in the Civil/Structural, Mechanical/Automotive, Industrial/Manufacturing and Research & Development fields.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Using too much Rebar
  • Robert Higgins Background
  • Alkalinity of the Cements 
  • Cement Hydration
  • Passive Cathodic Protection
  • Manufacturing of Carbon Footprint
  • Fibres vs Rebar

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