Financial Freedom – Richard Ward

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There are too many stories of people retiring, beginning to spend their pension, but having no real purpose or meaning in life.

This has to stop, and my guest (Richard Ward) is helping people avoid this trap. There is so much life to live after the typical “retirement” age. There are so many meaningful opportunities. 

In this episode, Richard and I talk about the true role of money, the reality of tradeoffs, and much more. So, sit back and listen with the intent of looking at your own personal Financial Freedom as you head toward your own 4th Quarter.

We also touch briefly on Richard’s book: Finding Purpose and Passion for Your Second Half. 

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Richard Ward holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional certification and is passionate about helping people pursue their life goals. He shows people new ways to use their skills, experiences, and resources to help others learn, grow, and prosper – and live a richer life.

Once this new vision is established, Richard provides the financial and philanthropic guidance to turn this vision into reality for them, their families, and the causes they care most about. 

He works primarily with those who are about to retire or sell their business and are in danger of becoming disconnected, bored, and unhappy unless they find a new mission for the future. Or they may be successful pre-retirees who want to stay in the business world but who are growing stale and perhaps unhappy from the same old ways and are open to new ideas on how to do more with their business or current role. 

He is also a published author of a book entitled:

Redefining Retirement: Finding Purpose and Passion for Your Second Half.

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