Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Adam Torres and Noelle Randall discuss real estate investing.

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Show Notes:

Noelle Randall went from living in her parents basement after financial failure in 2008 to building a multimillion dollar real estate business. In this episode, Adam Torres and Noelle Randall, MBA, Founder of Noelle Randall Coaching and NuuRez, Inc., explore Noelle’s story and new book, Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Real Estate Vol.3, Edition 8).

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About Noelle Randall

Noelle Randall is a successful real estate entrepreneur, renowned author, mentor, speaker, and influencer. The story of her entrepreneurial journey and the experience gained along the way serves as the backbone that allows her to reach and inspire so many through her videos, books, courses, mentorship and more.

As CEO of NuuRez, Inc, Noelle has taken her knowledge of real estate investing and short-term rentals to create one of the fastest crowd-funded real estate investment groups. By utilizing the same methods that she teaches in her courses, NuuRez has created a growing portfolio of luxury properties across several states that attract renters through Airbnb, VRBO, and more while the profits increase year over year.

Most recently, Noelle has followed her love of music to create a unique record label that will help bands of all genres gain the knowledge to succeed and the exposure to achieve their dreams! This revolutionary new label aims to become the go-to label for up-and-coming artists across the country.

Full Unedited Transcript

 Hey, I’d like to welcome you to another episode of Mission Matters. My name is Adam Torres, and if you’d like to apply to be a guest in the show, just head on over to mission matters.com and click on Be Our Guest to Apply. All right, so today is a, a long awaited interview. We have Noel Randall on the line from Noel Randall Coaching, and also founder of Nure Noel.

Hey, just wanna say finally we get to work together. Welcome to the show. Thank you. It’s so exciting to be here, Adam, like I’ve followed you for so long. I absolutely love the Mission Matters podcast and the platform so, so excited to be here. . Yeah. We’re, we’re gonna have some fun today and I’m excited to get into, into what you’re doing over at Nu Rez, Noel Rando Coaching.

Of course. I understand you have some some two-day events coming up in the very near future for some on teaching individuals about real estate investing, how to get. Started how to, how to take their career further if they’re already in it. So we, we got a lot to cover and, and of course, yeah, the book that we authored together.

So I’m so excited to get into this as well. So much to cover. But we’ll start this episode the way that we start them all with our mission matters minute. So, Noel, we at Mission Matters. We amplify stories for entrepreneurs, executives, and experts. That’s our mission. Noelle, what mission matters to. Wow.

So when I started Noelle Randall Coaching, my entire mission was to help others in real estate investing and to start a business. I had started from my parents’ basement. I was broke, I was bankrupt. I had bad credit, multiple foreclosures, like I had lost everything in the financial crash in 2008. So I ended up back in my parents’ basement when I was in my parents’ basement.

I started going to all of those different events. I know you may have seen ’em on the. Station and, you know, they’re teaching real estate. And I just would go like, I’m gonna learn this thing. I’m not gonna get beat by real estate. And so long story short, I ended up getting a coach and he taught me how to wholesale.

I ended up making a ton of money in real estate and now today a multimillionaire. So I just believe so much in, in, in, in lifting as you climb, you know, teaching other people as you learn and grow. And so I, I, I just have made this my mission. I want to take people from working nine to five jobs to becoming.

Successful entrepreneurs just like me, so that’s my mission. It’s, it’s an amazing story and I want to I wanna, you know, circle back to maybe some of those early days, because there’ll be some people that watch this and they’re like, okay, but you know, Noel can do it. Noel did it. And you know, she, you know, there’s always these things that come up in people’s minds, but, I’m guessing, so you, you said it pretty quickly, but when you’re, you know, back, as you mentioned, busted in 2008 in terms of you know back, you had to move back home, right?

Yeah. And uh, had to Yeah. Ugly times get started again. Like that wasn’t an easy thing, right? Like, it wasn’t like, oh, you just, it just worked after that. Like, tell us a little bit more about maybe what was going through your head during that time. Oh my gosh. So, like I said, I was in my early twenties and I’m, I’m living in Atlanta and it’s 2002, 2003, and I’m just flipping houses with a full-time job.

Okay. Like, the people at my job are flipping houses. We watch H G T V, the market is just going up. So we never really learned real estate, you know what I mean? But we just, were making money. So when the crash happens in 2008, it was just like really a, a realization. A realization of who I was, what I really knew, you know what I mean?

And really had to, to self-assess like, okay, chick, you don’t know anything. You have messed things up and it is time to learn. You know what I mean? So I kind of, of course you lick your wounds, you’re crying, you’re sad, you’re depressed, you’re like back in your parents’ basement and you know, embarrassment.

All of that. Yes. But then at the same time, kind of like, alright. Let’s let, let’s assess, let’s learn real estate the right way. And, and it was really me just being comfortable, being dumb, you know what I mean? Me being comfortable, like, all right, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Let me actually learn it. And, and, and from there, that’s where the success came. You know what I mean? That’s where, okay, I’m gonna say the script. He says, say the script and flip a house. You know, flip, do some wholesaling. That’s what I. And, and the, the coaching side of things. So I love when people go into coaching and helping other individuals, like you’re doing with Noelle ran coaching after they’ve already, you know, they’ve had these ups and downs, right?

Yeah. That led them to build themselves back up so that they can, you know, teach and show others how to do and accomplish things that they themselves have. So that’s right. The, the learning process, like you mentioned, you would go to an event or you’d go to, you’d go to like other, other things to learn.

Like was there mentors? Like how, how did all this process? Yes. Eventually, I, I, you get a mentor, so you start going to conferences, seminars, you know, just ones you see on, you know, there were ones advertising on in that bright and you know, you hear on the radio and I’m just going, you know, some of them were free.

Some of them were $50, you know, low cost. And eventually you start to realize, all right, I’m gonna invest in myself. I really wanna take this to the next level. And so I eventually did get a coach, and it was about $20,000. And I literally had to cancel one of my college courses, okay. In order to pay this coach.

But at the same time, I knew what he was going to teach me was gonna help me make money. And it did. So it, it paid off for me. And it, it really has to, again, more so than anything, made me realize, like, okay. if I, you know, learn something and really learn it, and if I have to pay to learn it, that’s fine, because I’m gonna do it and recruit my investment, but I’m gonna start investing in myself.

You know what I mean? And, and, and so that, that’s really to me what coaching has started off as and, and what it’s morphed into today as I’m now coaching. You know what I mean? . Yeah. No, I, I love it. And it makes total sense. And we’re gonna get into your coaching program and also the events you have coming up, but I, I wanna take a little, a little sidebar here to, to, to get into the book and really the inspiration behind it.

So I know your, your journey had a lot to do with this. So, so the title of, of your writing was, what are You Waiting For, change Your Life Through Real Estate. What are you hoping are some of the main things that your readers will take away from. My biggest hope is that my readers can see that it was real estate that turned me into a millionaire, not where I started.

I think there’s just so many myths about real estate, about how risky it is, how much money you’re going to lose, not realizing that that is where most wealth is created. You know what I mean? And you don’t have to actually be in a great situation. To start investing in real estate and change your entire financial situation.

So it, it was my entire hope, dream, aspiration that anyone that reads this chapter realizes that this chick started from her parents’ basement. She had no money, bad credit, multiple foreclosures, just like the worst situation ever. Wait a minute, I probably can do this right now, , you know what I mean? Cause I’m in a better situation than she was in

Yeah. And and, and you say it so, so nicely and I know it’s, it’s so much, it’s so easy. It’s so easy for somebody to watch this again, but like, yeah, just because Noel’s so polished, just because she has these skills and and is great in front of camera. I mean, she also has a, a huge YouTube channel.

We’ll talk about that as well, where she’s giving away a ton of free content on, on. And just business in general. So, yeah. Yeah, actually maybe let’s, let’s, let’s dive into your channel a bit here. Let’s, how does that get started? that and that get started. Fun. That is the, that is the millionaire I made it.

Let’s give away as much information as possible for free. So to me that was like the dream. And it’s so funny of like, how could your dream be a YouTube channel? I don’t know. But one day it did, it became my dream to do a YouTube channel, and it was of course, Forcing me, like, why don’t you, you know, do this on a bigger scale.

But at the same time, realizing like, I have all this information. Mm-hmm. , I started from nothing. I could just tell these people and they could do the same thing. So now I’m in the airport, I got subscribers, I got people telling me how much I’ve taught them and how many successes they’ve been able to have, how they were able to start a business or get business credit, or you know, they did a wholesale deal, you know, and I was able to teach them all of that stuff for.

Yeah, like it’s amazing and I, I want you to talk right now for a moment or two to the people out there that do have an abundance of knowledge and that are are accomplished on the importance of paying it forth through creating content. Yeah. Because in my mind, there’s. So many people out there that you know, they’ll, they’ll watch something, but I’m like, you have to contribute.

You have to get back. If you have something that you’ve done that you feel is worth sharing, like you got, you gotta create something that others can benefit. Because I don’t know, may, maybe you, maybe you maybe this was the case for yourself, but when I got into content creation and even doing a show like this and otherwise, like, I didn’t really understand the power of like how many people you could help with information I thought.

All the information’s out there. What do I have to say? Like what’s been your experience? , so that that’s exactly what you’re saying. Like one, just wanting to contribute and bring value, but then realizing when they come back and, and people are thanking you for, thank you for making that video. Thank you for teaching me this thing and, and, and realizing that it almost is a duty to pay it forward.

Like, how else is someone else going to see that they can do it too if we don’t share our stories. So I love that I’m able to connect with people I love that they, they, they know and believe I started from my parents’ basement so that they really know in, in, in their heart of. They can do it too. And I think that’s propelled people to be successful because they did connect with me and then like, okay, yeah, I’m gonna.

Yeah. So I have to ask, did you start off great in front of, in front of camera and on, on the channel and in the content, or did it take you a little bit to kind of catch your groove? It took a minute. Just like everything. You start ugly, you know what I mean? Like what I’m telling you, I was in my parents’ basement.

Know my first deal was not a $100,000 deal. You know, it was like of of $4,000 deal, you know? Start where you are and, and, and, but sit, but I say that jokingly cuz obviously now I do deals that make $300,000 per deal. So jokingly only making $4,000 on a deal is nothing to me at this stage. But if you’re just starting in your, your parents’ basement, it’s an amazing accomplishment.

So for me to have made a crappy video and even 10 people watched it, I was like, yes, high five sis . Oh my gosh. That’s so, that’s so great. I think about my my first YouTube channel back, which is now since Gone and Down, but I think I have the video somewhere. One day I’m gonna have to bring it real of the world’s worst YouTube channels.

can see it. I’m gonna put it out there just as, as an inspiration, like, hey, if we can. Than you can do it too . And it was an evolution. So you may have started the YouTube channel and YouTube wasn’t your thing, but podcasting, obviously you kill at it. So you know, it, it, it, it is what it is. Like my Facebook’s channel is still wax.

So , people love me on YouTube, not Facebook. It is what it is. Oh, that’s amazing. So let’s go a little bit further into I wanna, I wanna dive into some, some of the businesses that you have. So maybe, maybe let’s start with New Rez. So tell us a little bit more about that company. So, new Rez is a real estate company that I started.

To get people to invest in real estate. So we did a crowdfund, and this was, I’m so proud of this because I’m like the, I got actually an award for this. Like I was the only person on the True Crowd platform that ever raised the maximum, which at the time was $1,000,070. Okay. Wow. So that’s $1,000,070 through unaccredited investors.

And people could invest as little as. $500. Okay. . And we did over 1100 investors and we raised a million and we got the properties. And so it’s a short-term rental business. So I’m literally in one of the businesses right now, one of the properties, I’m sorry, in one of the properties right now in Kissimee, Florida.

This is the Duplex, and it’s owned by me and the investors at New Rez. And we split the profits and we’re continuously. Company. We do short-term rentals, obviously, which is Airbnbs, you know, for, for those that don’t know the, the, the terminology, but just Airbnbs and mostly around Disney World. Like this property is like five minutes from Disney World.

Mm. We have lots of them around Disney, universal Studios, SeaWorld, but I have properties in Dallas, Texas, North Carolina. So this is a business that we’ve been able to do all around the United States. But then at the same time, what’s so special to me was that I was able to use crowd. And teach people about how you can raise money for business.

You know what I mean by just showing them with me doing. Yeah. And what do you think was one of the reasons that you were so successful on the raise? Like what, what, what do you, what do you attribute to obviously the YouTube channel that was the social media, that was the YouTube channel. Like I, people still tell me like, it’s amazing how quickly I raised the money.

And again, it was during the pandemic, we’ve, you know, since closed the funds. But at the same time it the power of. People saying, yes, I want to invest in that business because not only was I able to let them have the investment, we were able to give our investors free nights. You know what I mean? Wow.

And have some, some you know, some, some, some con, you know, some exclusive and bonuses like that. But then too, I was able to give them my course on doing Airbnb business. So people are like, wow, okay, for investing 500, you’re gonna gimme a $500 course. So it was almost a no-brainer because I was already an influencer.

I don’t even know which one should come first, but obviously I know in my case it was because the, the influence on what we have on so on social media was, which made the race so easy. . Yeah, it, it’s a great story, but I also think it’s a great example of of somebody kind of staying within their niche and being authentic to their audience.

Like, let’s just be clear, like you didn’t. So I think sometimes when. Think people think about maybe influence or having platforms or other things like that. Like you didn’t go out there and say, Hey, we’re gonna start creating, I don’t know pencil erase, we’re gonna sell those. No. It was real estate, right?

Yes. And people knew you for real estate and you already had years of experience and knowledge that you’d been giving people so, You know people, so when they look at you, when they think about, Hey, who do I want to be? Who do I wanna do a deal with? They were probably jumping for joy. Like, what? I gotta, I got the opportunity to invest with Noel.

Like, come on, let me in. Yeah, yeah. And then just come see Noel come to the properties. Like it was just, it opened up so many people’s eyes to. You know, not just connecting with me, but what was possible for them. You know what I mean? Like, we’re always talking about just being able to give back, like, wait a minute, you were able to do this starting from your parents’ basement and now you’re raising money.

Like even just that evolution of me showing them was, was valuable. . So Noel’s challenge yes. I’m a big fan of the challenge model. What it, what it looks like, and I think the results that people get from it. Like what was the, what was the seed for this? So this was about growing your wealth. So that’s kind of always been, you know, like my thing.

You know how some people have their thing? Mines is grow your wealth, grow your wealth, grow your wealth, because not, it’s not about getting rich. I want you to create, well, I love real estate because you’re, it’s wealth, you know what I mean? I can give my properties, I have more properties. I’m able to put properties in my children’s name, you know what I mean?

They’re going up in valley. The properties I know we’ll never sell, you know, there’ll be generational properties. So, Keep keeping that in mind. It’s like, let’s grow your wealth. Let me teach you how to establish a business. You know, a business that you, you set up properly where you got the e i n properly, you can get business funding, you know what I mean?

You, you have the capital that you need, and then talk about the real estate because no matter what you do, whether it be a landscaping business, a hairstylist, You gotta get some real estate. You gotta get some real estate . Love it. So give me, gimme the breakdown for the, I understand you have a challenge coming up, so gimme the breakdown.

Yes. For the format and like what the attendees can expect, because I definitely want our audience to go check out, check it out, and check out the, the website and all that good stuff. . Okay. So it’s easy. It’s noels challenge.com, but this is a weekend. Okay? What I’m, I’m, I’m, the challenge is that we’re gonna grow your wealth in one weekend.

So it’s a Saturday and a Sunday, okay? And it’s four hours each day, but if you wanna upgrade to the v i p or the Platinum, you literally get a a q and day zoom call with me, and that, that’s really valuable, where people will say, I really wanna talk to Noelle. All right, we’ll upgrade to the platinum or the v i p.

But in any case, even just general admission, we’re gonna be teaching you for two full days. On the first day, I’m gonna be breaking down business credit. We’re gonna even be giving you exercises. I’m gonna give you lenders that are lending to startups. You know what I mean? And not only are we gonna just talk about these things, we’re gonna break and you’re gonna go do them.

You know what I mean? If you need to go fix your e i n number, we’re gonna give you the number to the I R s, and we’re gonna get that done so that when you come on Monday morning, you’re like, okay, I know exactly what I am doing. I have my full wealth building plan. And that is what the challenge is about in one weekend.

Let’s break it down. Let’s spend this time together and on Monday we have a business to grow your. Wow. And what are what, so what’s some of the feedback you’ve received from this so far? Cause I understand you’ve, you’ve been doing this for a while now. Yeah, no. So actually this is just the third one we’ve ever done.

So we kind of did a test in December, and then we did one in January. We had over 500 tickets sold. It was amazing. Wow. Yes. That’s the only reason actually we’re doing another one. This is almost like, all right. So many people demanded we had to stop selling tickets because of the limit on how many people come to the Zoom.

We literally had to upgrade. So long story short, it was just like, that’s by popular demand. Like people are begging, they’re like, okay, I want 2023 to be different than 2022. Mm-hmm. , and this is the time, you know what I mean? 2023 actually. Okay, not bragging, but I have a, a master’s from Penn State in economic development.

and I have another master’s, my MBA from Baylor. Mm-hmm. . So 2023, you know, not nerding out on you. It’s gonna have some significant positives, okay. Where the, the, the pandemic, for example created the supply and demand, but they’re gonna have to bring back those. Interest rates, they’re gonna have to bring them down.

So interest rates are starting to come back down. Home prices are starting to level back out, but there’s a lot of opportunities in the market to get people’s properties that are behind on their mortgage payment. Okay. We have, we were seeing a lot of that. We’re seeing people upside down, you know what I mean?

And those are opportunities for, for, again, for real estate investors. And we’re also seeing more money than ever being allocated to lend to. , especially women owned businesses, minority owned business, veteran owned businesses. So this is the time to start a business mm-hmm. and to invest in real estate.

Those two things in combination, so that, that’s really what this is about. Like you, you gotta take advantage of, of this, this opportunity, because this is not gonna just happen every single year in 2023. It’s perfect to get some real estate and build a business or grow that business to the next. . And so one of the themes that we kind of has been going through this this conversation would be funding, right?

Yeah. So whether it’s, you know, borrowing from a bank, whether it’s crowdsourcing as you did for one particular campaign is this one of the things I think you mentioned that you’ll be kind of covering? Cause I think funding sometimes holds people back. Yes. That is so big. So that’s, that, that is a big part of it.

What, well, like I said, one of the things we teach you is business credit and business funding. And why that’s so big to me is because I feel like I messed that up for myself. Like I started the, the real estate business that I’m working in in 2014, but I didn’t actually start establishing any business credit until about 20 17, 20 18, because I didn’t know that I could.

And so now, To, to, to realize how much money I had to use my own personal savings, my own personal credit cards, my own personal credit score going up and down when in fact there was a solution already available with business credit where I could have established the business credit I could have. I have now American Ex.

Presses with no limits in the business’s name. I have million dollar lines of credit in my business’s name. And then just all that I’ve learned about business credit and business funding has been able to exponentially grow my own business and my students’ business. It makes you, it just makes you so much more.

Viable when you have the capitals to continually run your business, you know what I mean? And not having that stress of of, of constantly having to earn money to have money. So having business credit and business funds is, is is business changing? It’s life changing. , yeah. and, and I know that, and you mentioned students.

So the, the thing that I, I, I, I know as I’ve followed your career is that I, I know we’re talking about, we talked about Noel’s challenge, and that’s a recent one and that’s coming up, but you’ve done quite a bit of coaching and also teaching students for through seminars for years. If I’m not mistaken, on real.

State other things. Talk, talk a little bit more about that. Cause I want people to, to that are watching this, to understand that Noel, the, the challenge, that’s one. Like, Noel didn’t just start this in January, that was her first. No, I did not for that particular course. I wanna clarify that. So te te talk a little bit more about some of the other work you’ve done there.

Very good point. Very good point. So I’ve probably been coaching since, like I said, 2017, so mm-hmm. Really started to go hard on, on the real estate and, and realize, okay, this is successful. And the people saying, okay, let me, let me teach me these things. And so that evolved. Like I said, when I first started teaching real estate investing, I literally would get a van and show people my flips.

And this was in Dallas, you know what I mean? I would. Five people together, they paid me 500 bucks. I’d show them my documents, ohd, give them a list of my contractors, and we would just like do a tour of my flips and showing them how I could do multiple flips at the same time. You know what I mean? And it just grew.

Then you, then you start doing events in the back of the Olive Garden. Then the next thing you know, you’re at the Hilton Hotel. Then you, you know, then the YouTube channel. Now, you know, big, huge stages. So it really is. growing and sharing your story as you grow. You know what I mean? There were people that connected with me when I was making $400,000 per year, and now I have people connecting with me when I’m at eight, you know, 10, 10 million per year.

So it, it, it, it grows and I’m, I’m, I’m excited to teach this because I’m teaching people that have, have come to YouTube also and start teaching other people. So it’s almost like I’ve become a role model for people to. Do teach. Yeah. . And, and when you were, and when you were in that van originally with those first, you know, people that trusted you and that you took around, like first off, what a luxury for them and what valuable insight for them to catch somebody like yourself in that stage of your career where they could have such direct access.

Cuz this platforms get bigger, it becomes more challenging, it’s harder to do things like that, but like how? Fun was that I feel like some of those first students must uh, be doing pretty well right now. Yes. Some of those, yes. It’s so funny. So I actually have even premiered and promoted some of my students on YouTube.

And one of ’em you know, she’s in Costa Rica now, she’s retired. She actually you know, sold a lot of her properties and lives off of the, the pro proceeds. You know what I mean? Yeah. And then she has rental properties that bring her income and she’s in Costa Rica. You know, another one of my. She was at one of my classes.

She has a few rental properties. One of them does rental properties, but even with special needs adults, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. Had transformed her properties into homes that special need adults live in. So, just so, so many. You’re you’re right. Like it, that’s amazing to me too. You know what I mean?

I should do like a feature of that. That would be a . That would be fun. Well, it, it’s a journey and I think it’s important to, it’s important to document our journeys, and that’s one of my favorite things about hosting this show is that we’re really documenting the, the journeys of entrepreneurs so that others hopefully are inspired to understand that they can do the same.

Maybe they’re not interested in real estate if they are interested, obviously in in real estate or, or start a business. They need to be involved with Noel’s challenging everything you’re doing, but if they’re not and it’s something else, well great, go pursue that. But just to understand. Like, it’s okay.

You see somebody on the other side and they’re nice and successful, all these other things that ha have happened. But when they’re, you know, when they’re, when they’re crapping out and they’re in 2008, they’re back in their parents’ basement, started from scratch. And obviously you were, you were highly educated, so you ha you know, a bunch of degrees and other things and you’ve, you’ve worked your way up.

So you so it’s not like you were just caught off guard. I mean, everybody was in 2008. So there’s gonna be other market factors that take place, but even those that are up, sometimes you’re gonna be down. So go tail, end of pandemic. Now we’re recording this just for context in the end of January, may.

It’s today, January. Yes. The last day of January, 2023. So the 31st? Yes. Going into 2023 Noelle. For yourself and maybe. Some of your students that are interested in real estate, you mentioned some of the things that you believe will happen, you know, interest rates coming down, a bunch of other things.

Yeah. What should people really be thinking of or kind of focusing on from your perspective as we go into 2023? The biggest thing that I think that everyone should be focusing on for 2023 is growing their wealth. Okay? Mm-hmm. , how do I replace it? If you work a job, okay, anyone that works a job, they should be thinking, how do I replace my income with my assets?

Okay. That’s number one, because then you have your time freedom and, and to me, what I really have involved in starting to talk about, not necessarily just the real estate investments or the business credit, but more so how do we create the lives that we. Okay. You know, we’re, we’re not getting a second chance.

No. We get one life and that’s it. You know, there’s no coming back, there’s no do overs. So it, it comes a point in all of our lives that we have to decide. What is it that we want? What do we wanna spend our time doing? Where do we wanna live? What kind of house do we wanna live in? What kind of car do we drive?

What do I want to be able to do with my time? And so, so many of us are, are tracked by jobs or, or, or careers that we don’t necessarily want. So for 2023, because we’re all adults. We have bills and this, that and the other. How do we start to own our time? How do we start to create that time freedom? And that’s the easiest thing, is gonna be able to replace that job.

You know what I mean? And start to be able to get enough money coming in to pay your bills where you own your time. And you can create, you can do YouTube channels if you want to. You can do podcasts if you want to. You can go on the beach, you can do yoga, you can make music. Whatever it is though that you want to do, you gotta start working on that.

Yeah. That’s what 2023 should be. . And that’s a great point that you make because also as, as you’ve even illustrated with that, I know you mentioned one year students who, you know, moved to Costa Rica. It’s like at some point you have to just ask yourself what your goals are. Right? Whether it’s a monetary goal, whether it’s a family goal, whether it’s a combination or other things.

But I, I like. This kind of notion that’s, it’s really changing the idea of what the, you know, American dream is or what we’re supposed to be doing. Cause I feel like at least our generation, maybe some of the generations before were really taught that, that idea of like getting ahead and like all these other things are the know that grinding culture, the American culture where like Ryan, Ryan, it’s not, it doesn’t need to be Ryan.

How they spend their time in quality of living. Like, I’m not gonna pick in any other countries. I don’t wanna be like, but I’m just saying . Right? I’m just saying that it, it’s the point. It’s nice to see that we’re evolving to the point to thinking about our quality of lives as well. Yeah. And that’s so important.

It really is. Like, we can talk money all day, we can talk entrepreneurial sex success all day, but what, what? What are we really talking about? We’re talking about I’m ha are you happy ? You know what I mean? , are you happy? That’s the big thing. So start getting to happy. Amazing. So, Noel I, it’s, first off, it’s been great having you on the show today and to catch up.

Finally, been wanting to get you on the show for a long time, so great having you on and yes, and learning more about all, all about your journey and what it took to go. From, you know, from winning to, you know, not winning so much back at home to, yeah. Now growing a big business with a big, following big YouTube channel.

More importantly, a big mission where you’re paying it forward and helping hundreds and hundreds of people to achieve and to grow their wealth. Through both your, your coaching programs through your channel and really all the content you put on, including the book that you created with us, which I’m so happy and excited to, to continue to promote.

That being said, if somebody is watching or listening into this and they wanna connect and, and follow your journey, and of course check out the challenge you have going on what’s the best way for them to. So the best thing that I think people can do is to subscribe to my channel. Okay? My YouTube channel, Noel Randall, and it’s n o e l l e, Randall, r a n d a l l.

I have over 500 videos that I have made, and I’m constantly putting out content, at least two to three videos per week. Not just teaching you, you know, these things step by step, because I’m probably one of the best teachers, and I’ve been told this lots of time on YouTube, like really breaking it down.

Step by step. Again, just sharing all of it to you because I’m a multimillionaire because it is, it is my outlet and, and my mission to share and teach. So I really try to go into detail so that people can do the things that I’m talking about. You know, not just listen to it. I want you to do it and, and that’s gonna be the best way.

You know what I mean? And then you can get involved in any of the different things that I offer. You know, if you’re wanting one of my books, okay, you can get my book for free. You know, by watching my YouTube channel, you know, you can get different blueprints. I’m always making and creating content. to help you grow your wealth.

So go to noel randall.com and YouTube for my YouTube channel and, and subscribe. . And for the and for the challenge, I think it’s noel’s challenge.com. Am I off on that? I just wanna make sure I That is correct. And then if you wanna come to the challenge, please, you need to get tickets. Actually, this almost sold out especially the platinum and the v i p, they’ll sell out really quickly.

That’s noel’s challenge.com. And again, Noel n o e l l e with an S challenge is c h A l l e n g e.com. Noels challenge.com. Perfect. And we’ll put all that information in the show notes so that our audience can just click on the links and head right on over. And speaking of the audience, if this is your first time with Mission Matters or connecting with the platform or listening to an episode, we’re all about bringing on business owners, entrepreneurs and executives, and having them share.

Their mission, the reason behind their mission, really how they’re making a difference in the marketplace and what we can all learn from that. The whole point of the Mission Matters platform is to create content that we can all learn from so that we grow together. If that’s type of content that sounds interesting or fun or exciting to you, hit that subscribe button because we have many more mission-based individuals coming up on the line and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

And Noel, really, it has been a pleasure. Thank you so much again for coming on the. Pleasure. I, I appreciate you so much, Adam. Thank you so much to you, Adam, and to mission matters. I, I love you guys and I love what you guys are doing.