The Future of Financial Inclusion with Paolo Fidanza

Adam Torres and Paolo Fidanza discuss financial inclusion.

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Show Notes:

Financial inclusion and access to credit is important to improve the quality of life for many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Paolo Fidanza, CEO and Co-Founder at Mo Technologies, explore how Mo is taking steps to increase financial inclusion in Latin America. 

About Paolo Fidanza

Passionate entrepreneur with vast experience in the technology, internet and mobile sectors and a passion for making the world a better place. Paolo has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and began his career with Group Lotus PLC, based in the UK. In 2001 Paolo began his entrepreneurial career, initially in the automotive industry, subsequently moving to the IT, Telecom, Social Networking, Healthcare and Security industries across continents and creating platforms like pricedoc.com and jpselects.com. In early 2014,

Paolo founded Opinit, an innovative emotions-based 0social platform, which was eventually sold to a Canadian Investment Fund in August 2016. However Paolo had already started at the beginning of 2016 incubating another revolutionary technology, a unique credit decision engine and nano/micro loan issuing platform, based on machine learning and AI, aimed at financial inclusion – MO. 

MO is now one of the fastest growing Fintech in the World, with operations in USA, India, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic! MO was nominated as one of the TOP 50 Technology Companies by Silicon Review Magazine, and Paolo won the Finext Award as Best Fintech CEO in 2018, and the CV Magazine Corporate award as Most Influential CEO Fintech for 2019. Named TOP 100 by Finance Magazine in 2021.

About MO Technologies

MO Technologies is a fintech company that has developed an innovative credit scoring model that evaluates potential customers based on behavioral data, without the need to access any personal information. The anonymous credit scoring engine aims to address the needs of the unbanked population, the loans can be delivered  through multiple platforms like a mobile app and or a portal Mo Technologies help Financial Institutions and NFIs to extend more credit products to more customers in all segments

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