Financial Insecurity in the US and the Sustainable Solutions Available for Working Americans with Ennie Lim

Adam Torres and Ennie Lim discuss sustainable solutions.

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Show Notes:

Financial insecurity is a problem that plagues many working Americans. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ennie Lim, Co Founder and CEO at HoneyBee, explore how HoneyBee is providing a workplace benefit to employers for their employees that can help alleviate the problem of financial insecurity.

About Ennie Lim

Ennie Lim is a social entrepreneur and HoneyBee is the result of my journey through personal financial challenges. Prior to HoneyBee, she was the founder of an environmental impact company that benefited under served children. She is passionate about building businesses for a better tomorrow and believes that all of us have the potential to become powerful change makers.

About HoneyBee Financial Wellness

HoneyBee is a Certified Benefit Corporation® and the only company that allows employees Emergency Funds at no interest anytime, to help manage unplanned expenses, build credit and pay down debt. We also provide financial coaching that employees need in order to get on a healthy financial path. Affordable for employers, no payroll integration.

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