Financial Planning for Women with Russ Thornton

Adam Torres and Russ Thornton discuss financial planning for women.

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Show Notes:

It shouldn’t be assumed that financial planning for men and women is the same. Women can face different situations that make planning for their needs unique. In this episode, Adam Torres and Russ Thornton, Financial Advisor at Wealthcare for Women and Host of Women’s Retirement Radio, explore financial planning for women.

About Wealthcare Capital Management

Wealthcare Capital Management is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor with a simple vision:  Long-term financial success measured through the achievement of life goals that you value.  This vision requires breaking all paradigms on financial advice and the advisor-client relationship.  Wealth is everything your money can’t buy.  Money allows you to enjoy your wealth.  We want you to enjoy your wealth with measurable confidence, but without unnecessary investment risk or unnecessary lifestyle sacrifice.  We are the future of financial advising.

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