Finch Empowers Customers to Rate Consumer Goods

 Adam Torres and Lizzie Horvitz discuss Finch.

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Show Notes:  

Finch is a digital sustainability tool that rates the environmental and social impacts of products.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lizzie Horvitz, Founder & CEO of Finch, explore the Finch story and how the company has rated thousands of products in 85 of the most popular product categories on Amazon, from toilet paper and diapers to toothpaste and mattresses.

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About Finch 

Founded in 2020, Finch is a tool that educates people on the ins and outs of sustainability by turning complex scientific facts into simple, actionable insights. Launching as a browser extension, Finch fuses expert scores on products’ environmental and social impacts with functional reviews from real people to pinpoint the stuff you actually want to use, the stuff that doesn’t suck, and the stuff that’s better for the planet, all in one place. With a mission to decode sustainability and equip people with the knowledge to make decisions with confidence, Finch believes that we can sustain the planet and society without sacrifice when we make wiser choices, together.