Find Your Passion And Make A Career Out Of It with Azhelle Wade

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“Hey there, toy people!”

In this episode, we are reminded that you can indeed chase your passion and make a fulfilling life out of it. We grow up with people leading us to believe that following your passion is overrated. My guest this week, “The Toy Coach”, reminds us that that simply is not the case, that you can in fact create a lucrative career from something you enjoy as long as you stay true to your path. 

She and I talk about pursuing dreams – for her in particular, being able to do what she loved as a kid even as now as a grown-up, and on a much bigger scale. We also talk about her journey from working in corporate to starting her own company, and how you too can thrive without having to give up things that make you happy.


Azhelle Wade has been working in the toy industry for over a decade, climbing up and across the ladder, pushing against bias, surviving a cancer scare, breaking through glass ceilings and fighting for the salary she believed she deserved.

Before the age of 30, she made it to Vice President of a toy company. Later, she decided that achieving her dream job wasn’t enough – so she sought out to make a bigger impact on the toy industry…

What does this mean in her case? It means that she transformed herself to become “The Toy Coach” – an educator and a source of inspiration for creative inventors and entrepreneurs who think they’ve got a good idea for a toy or a game, but aren’t sure where to start. Her goal is to build a bridge into this notoriously closed off industry, that welcomes newcomers in with open arms.

Listen to the full interview to find out more about her story!

Azhelle is also the host of “Making It In The Toy Industry” podcast.

Find out more about her work on: https://www.thetoycoach.com/


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