Finding Success in Business by “Leading with Love”

Adam Torres and Masudur Khan discuss Masudur’s new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Masudur Khan, Founder and CEO at Khan Properties Group, explore Masudur’s new book, Mission Matters Business Leaders Edition Volume 7, Edition 15.

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About Masudur Khan

Masudur Khan is the Founder & CEO of Khan Properties Group & Chairman of Lifestyle Hotel BD Limited. He currently co-owns & operates 13 hotels in Oregon Coast & operates 2 hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Masud is living the dream and pursuing his passion in business. He is a man full of life and energy and enjoys serving humanity. He ensures his hotels provide the best service to their guests and continuously improving to excel themselves. He is a lifelong learner and tirelessly seeking the best practices in the industry. Masud lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three daughters.

About Khan Properties

Formed in 2020, Khan Properties Group leads a team industry experts formed to expand into the multifamily development and Pacific NW hospitality markets. Khan Properties Group focuses on a hybrid model of housing and hospitality specializing in renovation and expansion of existing properties as well as new construction projects. The multifamily projects are planned to meet both hospitality and residential code and design.

They believe in working in full partnership with their owners & investors to create the best experience for you, their guests and associates. They create value for their partners and associates by leveraging their operations, development, sales & marketing, technology, accounting, and operational management expertise to continue to grow their portfolio of first-class hotels.