First Game of 2023 – Mills on the Mic

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In this episode, Host Jen Mills, with special guest Hannah Kay will give us a tour of the first game of the Chargers this 2023 and the last home game of the season. It comes with fun giveaways, Tailgating experience, amazing stories inside the game and more.

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Story Notes:

  • Last Home Game of the Season
  • SoFi Stadium
  • Game Day Pins
  • Tailgate
  • Thunder Alley
  • Bolt Fam
  • The Amazing Foods at Thunder Alley
  • SoFi Lounge
  • Signed Austin Ekeler Cards Giveaway
  • Jeremiah’s Special Story
  • Best Parts of the Game
  • The Battle of L.A
  • Victory Shot
  • Happy New Year

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