Flagship Helps Startups Launch with Patrick J. Tighe

Adam Torres and Patrick J. Tighe discuss Flagship. 

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Show Notes:

Flagship has achieved a high success rate for their startup clients in an area known for failure. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Patrick J. Tighe, Founder at Flagship New Products Group, explore why Flagship has differentiated itself as a leader in the startup world. 

About Flagship New Products Group

Flagship New Products Group, LLC has developed a proven system for launching new products or relaunching/restaging existing products using simulated test markets (STM). This approach ensures market readiness and penetration, shifting the success rate pendulum to 89% in less than a year and resulting in much faster acquisition. 

Using a four-phase approach to new product GTM, Flagship will: 

• Accelerate time to market 

• Ensure proprietary confidentiality throughout the process 

• Provide in-depth market testing using AC Nielsen’s BASES/Ipsos simulated market concept test