For CyberCEO Jason Bonds, Cyberbacker’s Ongoing Support Makes the Difference

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO Jason Bonds discuss Cyberbacker’s unique approach to virtual leverage

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Guest CyberCEO Bonds urges business owners to partner with Cyberbacker in a new episode of CyberCEO. In this episode, Cruz and Bonds cover the steps to ensuring a productive working relationship with a virtual team member.

“Talent Pushes You”

Jason Bonds, Realtor and Operating Partner in Bonds Realty Group in Buford, Georgia, remembers that he and his wife and business partner Nicki were immediately struck by Cyberbacker Gina’s eagerness to work. “She’s got a lot of drive and determination,” Bonds says. Though Gina keeps very busy–working on accountability tracking with field agents to ensure productive coaching conversations; managing an online lead generation platform; maintaining data and spreadsheets, keeping the calendar up-to-date, and creating marketing materials–she is “constantly asking for more,” Bonds says.

Gina’s hard work lets Bonds and his team “lean into things that are actually creating business.”

Cyberbacker Support

For a busy business owner like Bonds, Cyberbacker has made the process of recruiting and hiring painless.  “You guys do a great job of finding… well equipped team members,” he says. But most importantly, Cyberbacker continues to support team members via coaching conversations and job-specific training, providing “another layer of communication” and accountability.

“Gina is incredibly self-accountable and self-motivated,” Bonds says, but he appreciates the knowledge that a whole team is working to ensure the best possible relationship.

Valuable Virtual Leverage

Bonds knows first-hand that it can be difficult to change one’s tried and true business practices. “We battle with that conversation in our heads,” he says, acknowledging that some CEOs may feel hesitant to try something they haven’t tried before.

When it comes to working with Cyberbacker, though, Bonds is blunt: “The best thing that you can do is do it sooner,” he says. 


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Jason Bonds is an Operating Partner in Bonds Realty Group in Buford, Georgia.
For more information, see www.teambonds.com.