For CyberCEO Robert Warfield, Organization is Key to Saving Time

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO Rob Warfield discuss how Cyberbacker can help streamline daily operations

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Guest CyberCEO Rob Warfield shares his need for structure and how his Cyberbacker helped implement it in a new episode of CyberCEO. In this episode, Cruz and Warfield talk about what makes a Cyberbacker partnership productive.

An Organizational Problem

Though he’s the face of Warfield & Company, a Kelller Williams real estate group based in Greenville, SC, Rob Warfield says he’s always struggled with general organization. Warfield wanted continuity across platforms and programs, so he could easily find whatever he might need to conduct business. “I needed to have [that system] up and going quickly”, he says. 

Enter Cyberbacker. Warfield was immediately impressed with Cyberbacker’s customized approach and continued training program. Rhea, a Cyberbacker who has been working with Warfield since July, has quickly proven herself. “Day 1, she was up and running,” Warfield says.

 “It’s Hard to Quantify”

Rhea’s detail-oriented approach has helped Warfield & Company implement an organizational structure using Google Drive. “It helps me sleep better at night, because I know where things are,” Warfield says.  But Rhea hasn’t stopped there. Though Warfield started slowly, using what he calls a  “stair-step” approach to assigning tasks, Rhea’s “amazing attention to detail and willingness to take on more” convinced Warfield to open up many aspects of the business to his new partner. 

And the payoff, though difficult to quantify,  has been significant. “I know I have had more time to sit back and work on the business, and I’ve definitely had more time to be face-to-face with clients,” Warfield says. Overall, Rhea’s work has made him feel like the company can take on more business. 

What’s Next

As Rhea continues to gain experience, she’s working on a “content calendar”–an organizational tool that helps her plan social media and marketing content weeks and even months in advance. She has also stepped in to help create video training sessions for comparative market analysis. “She crushed that,” quips Warfield. Going forward, Warfield plans to give his Cyberbacker more client-facing tasks such as responding to emails.

“The value is there,” Warfield says, of working with a virtual assistant. “That’s almost a no brainer.” Furthermore, Rhea has become an indispensable member of the Warfield & Company team. “I’m so grateful for her organization, her patience, and her dedication.”


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Robert Warfield is the owner of Warfield & Company, a real estate group based in Greenville, SC. For more information, see www.warfieldco.com.