Forgione Mechanical Engineering Assists Civil Trades with Tools and Tricks to Lower CO2

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In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Host Martin Halliwell talks with Matteo Forgione, President at Forgione Engineering, Inc. Matteo is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. He designs products and solves everyday problems with practical approaches using classical engineering coupled with the hottest technology. He is a skateboarder turned engineer; he incorporated leadership and interpersonal skills into relatively rough industries to encourage growth that would otherwise be untapped. He tries to show people that it is okay to wear a smile, be honest, work hard, and not let negativity prevent success. As much time as I study technical topics I have spent on leadership, philosophy, and mindfulness.

As the Owner and President of Forgione Engineering, Inc. Matteo is proud to offer New Product Development, Design Consultation and Full Service Design and Manufacturing. They utilize the most advanced technologies and collaboration tools to fulfill your requirements, even when they change, with exceptional responsiveness. They also provide service to almost all professional markets.

As the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Amalgamated Titanium International Corporation, he is the Chief Engineer overseeing and managing all engineering, product development, and production. 

Forgione Engineering, a Massachusetts-based company established in 2008, is an inspirational and visionary design and consulting firm with a vast network of resources available to solve client problems. They are driven by a passion for success, they are a team of cross functional experts operating in a high-efficiency mode under trained leadership. They value partnerships with many industry experts to ensure unprecedented service. 

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Story Notes

  • Specialize in Microdrilling
  • Drill Technology
  • Handling Small Diameter of Well Casing
  • Teaching Thermal Fluid Lab Class
  • UMFD – Universal Multi-Spectral Fluorescence Device
  • Matteo’s Legacy
  • Safety Precaution in Drilling
  • Glass Technology

Learn more at https://footprintengineering.ca/