Forming Strategic Alliances to Grow and Scale Your Business with Lewis Goldstein

Adam Torres and Lewis Goldstein discuss forming strategic alliances.

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Show Notes:

Forming the correct strategic alliances can mean the difference between growing and scaling a business effectively and hitting a plateau. Have you considered what forming the right strategic alliances can do for your business? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lewis Goldstein, President at Blue Wind Marketing, explore how to seek out and attract strategic alliances that can help your business. 

About Blue Wind Marketing

We are extraordinary at getting businesses to leverage untapped opportunities in the market. We are here to get you results so that you can spend more time on what you love doing the most. Blue Wind Marketing is focused on helping businesses optimize their potential by leveraging underutilized resources, assets, and relationships. It’s essential to work with a firm that adapts well to a shifting business landscape. We are problem solvers at heart so don’t think anything is too big or tough for us. We welcome any challenge you throw at us!

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