Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 101 | Charell Star

Charell Star is a Media Manager in the FinTech field, Online journalist, and Foster Care Advocate. As a storyteller, Charell Star has a passion for creating experiences that connect brands to people in a way that celebrates, inspires, entertains and empowers.

She loves working across all mediums to tell a story and reach audiences, and believes the most powerful messages are delivered through authenticity, personal connection, and conversation. Charell is also a former foster care youth and now advocates as an appointed Board Member of CASA NYC and City Living NY.

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Show Notes:

  • Tell Your Story
  • Kinship
  • Parents Trying to be Adult 
  • Moving Home to Home
  • To Forgive
  • Covid in New York
  • Advice to Kids in Foster Care

Learn more at: http://www.comfortcases.org